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Welcome from the Principal

At Parkside, a new approach to education has been developed to combine high quality classroom learning with practical work related activities both in and beyond the College. 

Students who attend Parkside Studio College not only continue to gain qualifications in traditional core subjects, but also become experts in their chosen pathway.  

It is therefore our intention to ensure our students are treated as young adults as they begin their very personal journey into the workplace. We aim to foster this experience for the students so that it is a rewarding and fulfilling experience which provides a sense of purpose and direction. 

Our learners will be enquiring; we encourage curiosity as this is essential for the entrepreneurial spirit.  Our learners will be alive to experimentation and open to looking at the world from different perspectives.  Students will become confident, professional and emotionally intelligent as they gain their experience of the working environment and adapt accordingly.  Skills will accrue as will the ability to work independently, with others and take instructions and direction.  In other words, 'learning to work, at work, for work'.

We hope you will talk to us soon about the Parkside Studio College offer.  

Ms Karina Porter   BSc