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Fumez The Engineer returns to The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust

Fumez The Engineer returns to The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust for an exclusive with students at Parkside Studio College

Specialising in music production and mastering, and having developed a stellar reputation as a sound engineer, Fumez The Engineer returned to The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust on Thursday 21st April for an exclusive interview as well as a Question and Answer with students at Parkside Studio College and Rosedale College.

Upon arrival at Parkside Studio College, Fumez and his entourage were guided through the College’s facilities equipped with industry standard resources, from its fully functioning salon, state-of-the-art training kitchen inspired by some of the world’s top restaurants and a media suite designed to equip young people with the experience required to thrive in the ever-changing media industry. In a purpose-built Media and Radio suite which serves to enhance the delivery of Creative and Digital Media Production, the College’s ambassadors delved into a real-life radio broadcasting experience, exploring the realms of new media by interviewing the eminent Fumez at Parkside’s Hayes FM Radio Station, and live streaming it to the Key Stage 4 cohort. With the added novelty of the industry, Fumez, an enthusiast for the avant-garde, admired the College’s facilities and its resource-intensive suite claiming it to be comparable with the commercial subsidiary of the BBC, with its unique look and feel of a radio studio environment. It was a surreal feeling for our students who asked riveting questions and received insights into the luminary’s source of inspiration, modelling an authentic exclusive radio interview, serving as a prelude to the Question and Answer at Rosedale College.

Headlining and playing host to sold out shows, Fumez kept the students informed of the opportunities available and the importance of perseverance in order to see growth in one’s career. He explained how he channelled his personal challenges into productive action, creating his own brand, where he embarked on an ambitious journey to reboot the music scene, running the operations for a revolutionary, state-of-the-art recording studio with the aim to provide unsigned artists with a platform to build on their creative concoctions and accomplish their sonic goals. With a paucity of UK music platforms being among the main catalysts in his success story, Fumez demonstrated how his life had changed profoundly as a result of the lockdown and how this enabled him to personify a new understanding of tenacity, driving the progress of Plugged In.

With years of setting out in his music venture in an ever-growing technology-driven culture and successfully marshalling his collaborators to achieve particular ends, Fumez remains at the forefront of public consciousness in providing an outlet for talented individuals to showcase their talent, making them more accessible than ever. With his resolute faith in the next generation and his unbreakable resolve, he embodies the concept of determination and self-advocacy, independent thinking and initiative, excelling in the height of adversity and propelling. An intrinsic drive and his commitment to music averted him from the important rites of passage and developmental milestones in his youth, however, enabled him to embark on a pathway to professional success, receiving mainstream attention and becoming a dynamo in the drill scene.

A pandemic paradox and the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit; becoming one of the most prominent figures in the drill scene today through perseverance, pioneering figure, Fumez, marked his achievements by giving back to young people. From inspiring talented young people in industry to cultivating the attitudes and skills needed in the next generation of talent, he urged students to allow their lifelong passions to fuel their ambitions and to not let unparalleled vicissitudes hinder their growth. He kept them apprised of the importance of prioritisation, immersing oneself wholly in their goals to reach their full potential, and going beyond the linear narrative in pursuit of their dreams.

Thank you to Fumez The Engineer for his sage advice and making a positive contribution to school culture in propelling our students to achieve their ambitions whilst equipping them with the drive to flourish.