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Invaluable Sessions for Year 11

The National Citizen Service (NCS) visits Parkside 

The National Citizen Service (NCS) have been visiting Parkside every Thursday as part of a five week programme to deliver invaluable sessions to our Year 11 students through experiential learning.  On Thursday 10th March, students engaged in a range of teambuilding activities, as well as some basic first aid. They were split into two groups, and each group was given activities that required both verbal and non-verbal communication, teamwork, perseverance and critical thinking. 

Team A worked together, strategising to move beanbags around the room without touching them. Team B learnt basic first aid, putting each other in the recovery position, and used manikins to demonstrate what they would do in the event that someone had a cardiac arrest. They also learned how to administer medication using a trainer EpiPen to someone if they were having an anaphylactic shock. 

The students worked diligently and sensibly and were mindful of how serious the situation can be if it were to happen in reality.