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Reading at Parkside Studio College

Why is reading important?

At Parkside Studio College, we believe strongly that reading is the foundation of a student’s ability to learn and prosper academically, and ultimately, their ability to function properly in an ever-changing society. In order to thrive in all areas of the curriculum at Parkside Studio College, a student will need to possess strong reading skills to make it through College and into their career.

Parkside Studio College is committed to developing students who are confident and secure in their grasp of the English language, who are articulate and able to express themselves confidently in their spoken and written language.

At Parkside Studio College we firmly believe that reading matters because:

1. Reading expands vocabulary and improves grammar, helping students become better at articulating themselves verbally and in their writing;

2. Reading helps build independence and self-confidence, making students more resilient learners;

3. Reading leads to future academic success in all subjects. Reading enables students both to acquire knowledge and to build upon what they already know;

4. Reading enhances imagination. Through reading, students have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

5. Reading entertains.

Since reading accurately and with confidence is so essential to a student’s progress, at Parkside Studio College we teach the value of reading as soon as students start with us, hoping that our students value their ability to read and become lifelong readers for pleasure.

How is reading developed at Parkside Studio College?

Reading is a key component of all subjects at Parkside Studio and is encouraged by all teachers across all areas of the College curriculum.

It is expected that students will read regularly, fluently and with confidence, and will develop a life-long interest in reading.

It is expected that, through reading, students will be effective in learning new vocabulary, relating it explicitly to known vocabulary and understanding it with the help of context and in-class dictionaries. Students will then be able to make inferences and refer to evidence in texts, and understand the purpose, audience and context of writing and draw upon this knowledge to support comprehension.

Students are encouraged to read during their tutor time and are supported by a well-

Reading is also promoted through a wide range of enrichment and intervention activities, including:

  • Reading clubs
  • Challenge Lists for the able reader
  • Poetry and writing competitions
  • Visiting authors and poets
  • Poetry Live events in February
  • World Book Day events in March
  • National Poetry Day events in October

How you can support your child in reading at home...

Each year group is provided with an extensive online reading list, which offers something for all reading tastes and abilities. Please browse the options on the website below if you need inspiration for your next book:

You can read books for free!

Students can access books at the Parkside Studio College library.

Your nearest public library is Hayes End Library.


Project Gutenberg is a library of over 7000 free ebooks

Help for adults new to speaking English

BBC Learning have some free online resources to help: BBC Learning English - Learn English with BBC Learning English - Homepage

Younger children at home? Ideas for helping them with reading too…