Black Training and Enterprise Group 13/12/21

On Monday 22nd November, The Black Training and Enterprise Group delivered a presentation about motivation and empowerment to the Year 10 female students at Parkside.

The presentation was arranged to identify students’ perceived obstacles and then develop ways forward to overcome them. Students were placed into groups and shown statements by prominent black and ethnic people in our current society. They were asked to collate information about the statements and express how they feel about them. Students then went on to watch a short video before writing their own statements with three questions as focal points:

-What drives you?
-Who/what inspires you?
-What do you think your purpose is?

The statements were collected and discussed as a group before the next session where students had to write about their own challenges and obstacles, leading to further compelling discussions! Judging by the lengthy discourse that took place, it was clear that the Year 10 girls understood the messages and advice given in the presentation.

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