November Enrichment Week 22/11/21

From Monday 8th to Friday 12th November, students attended college for Enrichment Week, using this time to enhance and enrich their learning through captivating intervention sessions, filling the gaps in their learning, whilst catching up on coursework.

Hospitality students in Year 11 were out to impress the judges, showcasing their culinary abilities and passion for food through delicious tasks as if on MasterChef! They each prepared a dish as part of their coursework which was evaluated by members of staff and were marked on the preparation, presentation and taste of their dish. Students honed in on their specialities whilst channelling their inner connoisseur, challenging themselves by enhancing plate presentation through creative, graceful garnishes and the results were an extraordinary feat!

Media students in Years 9, 10 and 11 were given the opportunity to develop sector specific knowledge and improve their short videos which are also required as part of their coursework, using this time to capitalise on the formative evaluation of their videos and develop their video content. Mathematics, English and Science were subjects on offer to students in Years 10 and 11 who require further support in these specific subject areas.

Students made the most of the time that was available through a comprehensive week boosting self-confidence, instilling self-motivation and improving future employability.

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