Black History Month Celebrations 8/11/21

During the month of October, staff and students at Parkside celebrated Black History Month by incorporating Black history into lessons, assemblies and debate sessions. Information posters were put up around the College with facts about famous Black people throughout history to promote discussion and further highlight their achievements. Students used the time in their options lessons to research Black history that played a significant role in their chosen option.

At the end of the month, staff and students came together for a celebration assembly and students showcased the knowledge that they had acquired through research in their options lessons. It was a very insightful month. Hair and Beauty students discovered how rice was hidden and transported in cornrows; Sport students spoke about sports personalities such as Ngalo Kante, who lives a very simple life despite being the winner of two Premier League titles; Media students highlighted how Samuel L Jackson is a prolific film star that did not let his stutter hold him back from achieving stardom; Hospitality students discussed the different food items and dishes from different parts of Africa, which they compared with the dishes they had tried or eat at home. The month proved to be informative and students enjoyed celebrating the impact of Black heritage, culture and achievement.

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