Year 10 Jack Petchey Workshop 25/10/21

On Wednesday 13th October, Year 10 students at Parkside took part in a Jack Petchey Workshop. The day began with students introducing themselves and their ambitions, before joining a group discussion about how to deliver a good speech. With the opportunity to analyse, discuss and explore ideas with their peers, the students were able to propose some excellent tips whilst learning from one another and deliberating over ideas prompted from different perspectives, developing their communication and team working skills. 

Students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and deliver an impromptu speech for 30 seconds on topics such as School Uniform, ‘Who Inspires You?’ and ‘What Job Could You Never Do?’, with feedback provided by selected students. 

The third session consisted of groups of five practising impromptu speaking and sharing exercises, and receiving feedback on ‘one-minute stories’ such as, ‘An Experience That You or Your Family Have Been Through That You Can Share’. The students were able to respond and perform much better in these smaller groups. 

Most students gradually came out of their comfort zones and were able to gain knowledge and confidence from the experience of the day.

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