Scientific Modelling at Parkside 13/09/21

Scientific modelling is an important skill in Science which can be used to identify patterns and make predictions as well as to enhance explanation. During their lesson on the levels of organisation, students developed their use of scientific modelling by using Lego bricks in producing models to represent cells, tissues and organs.

Additionally, they had to research various organ systems to identify the organs from which they are made and the function of those organ systems. To consolidate their learning, students paired up to play a stimulating, scientific card game. Each card displayed a definition, word or a picture of a cell, tissue, organ, organ system or organism. Students were to choose a card at random for their partner and read the definition in order for their partner to identify what is being represented.

To develop their understanding of the topic further, students collaborated in assembling the cards together to demonstrate the levels of organisation to the highest level - the organism level.

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