Parkside Challenge Week 6/09/21

The week commencing Monday 2nd August was our PIFA (Parkside International Fun Association) challenge week which proved to be a huge success and a huge amount of fun! The PIFA challenge lived up to all of our expectations and the sheer sound of student laughter was a testament to this. The busy week consisted of a curriculum and general knowledge quiz which included a fun facts round, basketball, handball and football tournaments with supporting cheerleaders and a competition to design the best supporting team flag. 

Other activities included a retro sports afternoon with lots of fun activities such as egg and spoon, bean bag, skipping, tug of war and space hopper races. The week culminated in an awards ceremony, a well-deserved picnic and a game of rounders. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the week and it was a wonderful way to end the term! Great fun was had by all.

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