Anti-Bullying Assembly 26/07/21

On Wednesday 14th July, Parkside Studio College collaborated with the Diana Award to promote an anti-bullying culture and support students in Years 9 and 10 to stand up against bullying under the theme ‘Don’t face it alone’.

A special assembly was delivered by experienced facilitators to the students that explained the difference between bullying and banter. The students identified the best solutions for dealing with conflict and bullying and explored how to signpost support for both themselves and their peers in these situations. They also learnt how to recognise particular triggers of conflict and how to employ listening, recalling, reporting and reflecting techniques. Students were also educated on what the Diana Trust does and how to contact them. It was a very informative and useful session which provided the students with the knowledge to seek support from trusted adults and the skills to resolve disputes without the need to resort to coercive behaviour.

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