Year 10 Hospitality 4/05/21

Year 10 Hospitality students were enthusiastic to be back in college and the kitchen in particular, after weeks of remote learning. Their first practical lesson was to prepare a main course dish with the emphasis particularly on the visual aspect of the food and its aesthetic appeal, for example, its garnishing and presentation. With this in mind, they planned, prepared and cooked a Chickpea Curry with White Rice.

It was wonderful to see the students’ ideas come to life as they experimented with various presentational and decorative techniques by arranging the food delicately on the plate and garnishing it with a myriad of colours using vegetables to improve its aesthetic quality. Their food hygiene awareness, culinary skills and creativity were intact, and they were able to instinctively apply all the skills learnt prior to lockdown to present their practical food outcomes to a high standard, almost as if they had never once left the kitchen!

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