Media Studies at Parkside! 11/01/21

Key Stage 4 Creative Media students were extremely busy during the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays!

Year 9 students experimented with a wide range of camera techniques learnt in lesson after completing all the necessary pre-production documentation to avoid any impromptu shots, as they mastered the skills behind making a short film! Year 10 students have also been expanding their practical knowledge by developing their sound production skills using industry standard equipment. With coursework being the main focus for Year 11, students have been working diligently to enhance their research skills and demonstrate their ability to discuss, plan and analyse practical outcomes for their own short films which will then be assessed.

Post 16 Creative Media students have also been working hard either by preparing for their January examinations or by completing written assignments. This term has definitely been challenging for the students, though they have demonstrated resilience through each task, and with their skills, optimism and strong team spirit, they have continued to persevere!

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