Year 11 Options Day 30/11/20

The Year 11 Options Day programme was held virtually on Tuesday 24th November. The students were introduced to the programme of the day to set the pace for any activities that would be very beneficial for the student’s future choices.

The team from Amazing Apprenticeships provided a wealth of information for the students to peruse before engaging in an insightful question-and-answer session. A presentation was then held by Brunel University’s student ambassadors which highlighted intricacies of university life and got the students buzzing with enthusiasm. Choosing the right course is a crucial first step to setting students up for the future. With this in mind, after much guidance and an in-depth exploration into the various pathways available, students went on to choosing their Post 16 Options courses.

Students gained insight into the value of vocational courses and the many progression routes designed to help them fulfil their aspirations. They also had the opportunity to visualise the possibilities for their future through an interactive presentation delivered by Melanie from the Engineering Development Trust (EDT). Well done students for your active engagement through the day!

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