Work Experience

An engaging work placement programme directly involving businesses and industries offers the relevant experiential practice to underpin learning and equip young people for the workplace with high levels of employability. 

Employers are involved in the design of learning e.g. through involvement at project design stage and through board meetings.  Every learner is offered valuable work placement experiences integrated in the work that they are doing and these are rated through learner and employer questionnaires and feedback.

The overarching strategic objective of Parkside Studio College is to provide an exceptional background in learning and training for young people who wish to succeed in the areas of Creative Media, Health and Social Care, Hospitality and Catering, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, together with the Sport and Leisure sectors.  Although most courses offering the aforementioned areas provide either vocational or academic pathways, Parkside, with its strong links with business, is able to provide sound theoretic learning and direct work with employers on briefs which they themselves have helped design. 

Parkside Studio College is working in partnership with a number of multinational organisations and businesses to deliver this programme.  These include The Intercontinental Hotel Group, the world’s largest hotel proprietor and also Sky, of global broadcasting fame.  Each supports, shapes and develops different elements of the programme together with other small and medium sized businesses, supporters and stakeholders.  This partnership delivers the very best education for young people.

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