Year 12 Powering Potential 17/12/18

On Tuesday 11th December, thirteen Year 12 students from The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust, attended the DELL Headquarters in Bracknell for the first day of a three-day programme called Powering Potential. This programme, organised by the Transformation Trust charity, provides an opportunity for students to develop a whole host of transferable skills within areas such as teamwork, problem solving, resilience, determination, critical thinking and leadership. The programme is also aimed at, but not limited to, improving students’ confidence, networking abilities, presentation skills, body language awareness and raising academic aspirations.
On their arrival at the DELL Headquarters building students participated in several interactive activities with their peers from different schools. The objectives of these activities were to help them learn how to build a rapport with new people, share ideas and work cohesively as part of a team. Students particularly enjoyed the ‘Speed-networking’ exercise and a very fun kinaesthetic ice-breaker. They learnt the importance of body language, eye contact and professional behaviour. A handshake activity was hugely popular and students enjoyed many rounds of practise with the professional Mentors.
Professionals from DELL were present with the students and acted as Mentors throughout the day. They told their success stories with enthusiasm and humour. Several of our students took the opportunity to engage with the Mentors on a personal level by asking further questions during the lunch break.  All the students had a fantastic learning experience and are eager to attend the next two days of the course on Thursday 10th and Friday 25th January 2019.

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