Year 10 Knife Crime Assembly 7/12/20

On Tuesday 2nd December, Year 10 students attended a Knife Crime workshop with PC Goddard and his team. During the session, the team carried out open discussions and lectures on a number of important matters surrounding knife/gun crime and gang deceptions. At the beginning of the presentation, students were given an insight into the job role of a police officer and things that they encounter.

PC Goddard went on to talk about the rise of teen crime over the years and the number of young people who have been caught in the crossfire as a result of it. Throughout the session, students were encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions. They learnt the severity and outcomes of these crimes and how they can be the ones to make the change necessary moving forward. Students were intrigued and surprised by the data that PC Goddard shared with them, and some commented on how they were not aware of the punishments that teen offenders face when they commit crimes.

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