Year 10 Work Experience 9/11/20

During the week commencing Monday 26th October, five Parkside students in Years 10 and 11 participated in a virtual work experience with Birchwood Grange Care Home. They had a productive week and met with various members of the team including the finance department, the entertainment department and the health department (carers). Although virtual, throughout the sessions, students aimed to create a fun and enjoyable environment depending on the particular interests of the residents. They were heavily involved in getting to know the residents and supporting their emotional and social requirements. As such, students asked and answered questions which further gave them insight into the rewarding nature of the role and how it could support the progression of their career long-term. 

At the end of the week, students presented their final project which was titled “The Lucky Dip”; this activity was designed to stimulate the different senses of the residents. Students received excellent feedback from the entertainment coordinators, who also told the students that their ideas would be shared and implemented at the care home! An enjoyable learning experience was had by all.

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