Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out Challenge’ 26/10/20

On Monday 19th October, students in Year 10 took part in the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out Challenge’ workshop. The aim of the workshop was for students to gain confidence in public speaking and develop communication skills. This involved students taking part in different activities with opportunities to interact with the presenter and their peers in a group activity. The students initially worked in pairs and were asked to share with everyone what their partner liked, disliked and why. Great interaction and courage were shown by the students to stand up and speak in front of all.

In the group activity, students were required to think about a topic and present it to their group. The students were encouraged to give feedback on their performance considering all the factors such as, eye contact, animation, pace and structure, for them to improve on. This also increased their understanding of each other and helped improve their communication and team work skills.

In the final activity, each student delivered a speech about a ch sen topic to the whole class, taking into consideration all the points addressed earlier in the workshop. Students’ active participation in choosing their topics was perceived as both beneficial and creative, as they delivered their message in an articulate and impressionable manner, demonstrating what they had learnt in the workshop. At the end of the session, students felt much more confident and they received a well-deserved certificate.

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