GCSE Results Day at Parkside 14/09/20

Parkside Studio College celebrated GCSE Results Day on Thursday
20th August 2020. A well-organised system was put in place,
highlighting our desire for the wellbeing of staff and students as
this was the first time many students returned to college since
the lockdown.
It was so lovely to meet the students who had come in to receive
their GCSE results! Many were relieved to see that they had
achieved some outstanding results with a number of notable
successes, marking the culmination of many years of hard work.
Students could not contain their joy!
The students, having collected their results, discussed further
education pathways and the progression to higher education or
training. Our students can be justly proud of their achievements.
100% of students have progressed to various colleges and Post
16 centres around the borough. These include: Uxbridge College,
Innovate, Ealing Colleges, Bishopshalt, Ealing Green College and
Lewisham College. Students look forward to studying Level 1
to 3 courses in Business and Management, Television Studies,
Science, Construction, Media and Film studies, along with an
array of A level Pathways. Many congratulations to them all and
we look forward to their continued success. Last but not least, we
would like to extend our thanks to all members of staff at Parkside
and across the Trust who have made this success possible.

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