Students at Parkside 24/07/20

Despite the complications surrounding the current situation, some students in Years 10 and 11 have been attending college on a daily basis to benefit from the face-to-face support provided by their teachers. This has also proved to be the perfect time for students to manage their time efficiently and catch up on their Options coursework, preparing them for a positive start in September. Through a blend of traditional and digital teaching methods, all students at Parkside continue to soar through the hardships posed by the pandemic, whilst excelling in their studies. Well done students for persevering through these trying times!

After a long-awaited reopening of the College, Hair and Beauty students returned to the salon on Thursday 23rd July to capitalise on the training provided, with guidance on how to use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in preparation for practical lessons in September. Our students who demonstrated determination and persistence upon their return, took well to the implementation of the new guidelines, commenting on how safe they felt whilst working in the salon.

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