Year 10 Hospitality at Parkside! 10/02/20

On Friday 31st January, our Year 10 connoisseurs devoted themselves to the cult of a perfect patty in Hospitality and Catering. Our food ‘extraordinaires’ practised their food preparation skills in yet another lesson, creating various dishes ranging from starters to main courses; one of which was a short crust pastry. This gave them the opportunity to learn how each ingredient used to make the dough is significant to a crumbly pastry.

Students discovered how to aerate a flour mixture using the rubbedin method, and mastered the technique of rolling the pastry to the desired thickness. They then used the dough to make delicious, golden beef patties, before adding glaze as a finishing technique – a fundamental aspect of pastry-making. They were all satisfied with the finished product and were extremely delighted to see that they had acquired the essential skills in making delicious, crisp patties.

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