We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to support us in achieving our goals. 

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust as sponsor, is responsible for a number of schools and colleges, including Parkside Studio College.  As part of its remit, the Trust continues to drive up standards, being fully committed to the further development of its provision for its stakeholders.   The Parkside Studio College Local Advisory (Governing) Body (LAB) is therefore required to meet formally each term before reporting to the Academy Board as part of Governance Day, involving the Members and Directors. 

The LAB consists of community (co-opted) members, parents, guardians, carers and staff.  The skills sets, expertise and commitment of each individual are fundamental, as the LAB is critical to the work of Parkside Studio College and overall governance arrangements of the Trust.   Accordingly, the Parkside Studio College LAB is made up as follows:

Nicole Heard, Chair (Community) [Email:]

Debra Smith, Community

Karina Porter, Associate Principal

Karen Fletcher, Parent

Charmain Stanley, Parent (to be confirmed)

Thumbnail NHEARD web-1 Nicole Heard

Nicole Heard is well rehearsed with the work of the Local Advisory Body at Parkside Studio College.   With this in mind, she stepped into the role of Interim Chair to provide the necessary support whilst the new De Salis LAB is formed and roles embedded.  As a former teacher herself, she is working to ensure effective and impactful governance through her participation in the Teach First ‘Governor Impact Programme’ – the organisation with whom she is now Strategy Manager.  Through her business links and previous role as a Business Strategy Consultant at Accenture, a broad range of expertise is readily accessible to the Board. 

[12.11.13 to 12.11.18]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

THUMBNAIL DSMITH web-1 Debra Smith [Community

Debra Smith has been associated with the Trust in various capacities since September 2008. Her experience together with an MA in Integrated Provision for Children and Families, makes her well placed to discharge her role as Director of Early Years and Family Services.  With day nursery management experience and strategic lead at a local primary school where she set up stand-alone, self-financing pre-school provision, Debbie has been active in the local community, championing the cause of families bringing up children in challenging circumstances.  As a governor, she continues to be a great advocate for high quality provision.    

[16.05.17 to 16.05.22] [No pecuniary interest declared]

photo (3) Karen Fletcher [Parent}

Karen Fletcher expressed a keen interest in becoming a member of the LAB to offer support.  As a parent, she is passionate about every child having the opportunity to achieve highly, nurturing their imagination and creativity to succeed at College.  She also aspires to develop skills through governance arrangements and sees this as a unique opportunity to ensure every learner receives an outstanding learning experience.

[07.03.17 to 07.03.18]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

Thumbnail Karina Porter Karina Porter

Since joining the Science team in 2006, Karina Porter has worked in a number key posts, including Coordinator, Associate and Director of Teaching and Learning roles.  With Advanced Skills Teacher status, she has always championed her subject vigorously.  With a wealth of experience, she took up post as Vice Principal at Parkside in September 2016 before becoming Associate Principal; being well placed to lead and manage the Studio College, with the necessary drive and ambition to secure student outcomes. 

[01.09.16 to 01.09.21]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

Charmain Stanley 

As a parent of a student studying at Parkside, Charmain Stanley is keen to support the College to continue to grow from strength to strength.  With the necessary key skills, qualities and integrity, she will play an active part in the LAB.  


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