Standards and Expectations

We have high expectations of our students’ behaviour, attitudes to work and dress.  Great importance is placed on appearance, attendance and punctuality. We value and celebrate diversity, care for others and encourage our learners to be courteous.

Therefore all learners will be required to carefully observe agreed protocols, be respectful of policy and adhere to procedures in respect of health, safety and well-being.  We expect students to behave in a way which reflects the professional approach to learning and the working environment they will regularly visit.  Only the highest standards of work, behaviour and personal responsibility will be accepted. 

We expect our learners to appreciate the value of team work; working hard together leads to greater productivity and success.  Students at Parkside will be expected to act appropriately in the workplace, fitting in with established practice and procedures.   By being physically active in order to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, students at Parkside are encouraged to make good use of the organised programme of sport and leisure activities.  With safety and safeguarding of paramount importance, all placements are assessed and closely monitored by our team of Personal Coaches. 

Using this approach to high standards of behaviour and professionalism helps to build solid working relationships between local employers and students.  In this way, we can all contribute to the regeneration of our area by working in partnership with employers to create a pool of highly skilled, work ready young people.

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