Vision and Values

Parkside Studio College is where 'education really works' with learning and working at the heart of everything we do.

Our local and wider community is important to us. As well as the strong partnership working with local businesses and organisations, we involve local residents in key events.  Both within and beyond the classroom, Parkside Studio College aims to encourage respect for the wider community, providing opportunities for the learners to channel their energies effectively into positive involvement with the local community.

The provision on offer at Parkside Studio College is very different to that of any other local school. Studio Schools are designed to combine learning and working to ensure young people are fully prepared for what the future holds.  All students at Parkside Studio College are treated as young adults, taking their first steps into the workplace.  This is an exciting time for the students; immensely rewarding and fulfilling, giving them each a sense of purpose and direction.

Our aim is to ensure students become experienced, qualified and highly employable young people.  To make them well placed for the future, they have direct experience of the workplace together with qualifications which demonstrate their level of ability.  In other words, learners who are able to ‘think like professional men and women’ and be ‘work wise’.

In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just highly qualified individuals.  Our mission therefore is to ensure that young people are equipped with the skills of their chosen pathway, have qualifications to demonstrate their ability and have real life experience of the workplace. By accepting their place at the Studio College, learners are embarking on the first stage of their careers in their chosen area to give them the qualifications and experiences to ensure that they are ‘work ready’ and an asset to any future employer.

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