Learning through experience

Learning and working are at the heart of everything at Parkside Studio College. Students become experienced, qualified and highly employable young people.

They have direct experience of the workplace together with qualifications which demonstrate their level of ability. In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just highly qualified individuals. They want young people who have relevant industry experience. In essence, this is what studio schools have been set up to overcome and this is an area which ensures that Parkside stands out from other provision in the local area.

Although studio schools are a new concept, the focus is one which industry has been demanding for some time. Businesses want young people to be work ready and therefore Parkside is the forefront of delivering this innovation. Our Learning Coaches are on hand to ensure the highest possible standard of education is delivered consistently through the six specialist pathways, each supported by a Personal Coach who is an expert in the field.  A team of highly experienced teaching staff deliver the core curriculum.

To ensure that students are ready for the workplace, they spend a considerable period of time at their placement.  In Key Stage 4, students spend the equivalent of eight hours a week experiencing the workplace, gaining first-hand experience of the working world where they are able to absorb how things are done in industry. Students become fully integrated part time members of staff and develop skills to work independently on the tasks assigned to them.   At Post 16, students either continue at their same placement or begin a new experience.

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